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Stuck on downloading 0 of 1 and never goes away

Stuck on downloading 0 of 1 and never goes away






Google Pixel 3 XL

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I have a bunch of downloaded content successfully on my phone. every now and again the Spotify app will put its downloading songs notification in the motification bar, and it tries to download a song (no idea what it's trying to fetch). It has to be an error. It will stay there at 0% forever. Downloading 0 of 1 (0%). I can get it to go away my closing the app (usually) It'll mostly stop if I flip on Offline Mode as well. Then turn Offline Mode off again. Maybe a day or two later it'll pop the notification back up and get stuck again. But this is crazy annoying and I really don't want to have to wipe my entire phone or Spotify library to fix this annoyance. I thouhgt this was a glitch because Android 9.0 was new, but it's been months, and still here after a bunch of spotify app updates. 

I also can successfully download new content. That works like a charm. It's just random when it tries this 0 of 1 thing and never goes away.Screenshot Spotify Error.png


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Yup, it does the same thing to me also.


Thanks for reaching out to the community!


Why don't you try reinstalling Spotify?


Keep us updated


I'm having this problem too.


Reinstalling Spotify did not work for me.

Also having this same issue...

Same issue, it's been a couple weeks now..

Hi all,


Thanks for sharing this in the Community!


Please make sure to follow the steps in this post  in the exact same order as given there and let us know what happens.


We're here for you 🙂

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Found an easy fix. Long press the app icon and tap "i". You'll be on app settings of samsung menu... there, you only have to review app permissions. ALLOW acess to memory. For some reason, my S10e keeps changing this. Open again spotify and you're all set.

Hope this helps.

Why does every single issue with Spotify, require that you either clear cache & data, or uninstall / reinstall? When you have a lot of downloaded music, it becomes a real pita! 😡 

I was able to fix this on my phone, without reinstallig or deleting storage. 

I had "download using cellular" disabled and was on my home-wifi when I got this notification for hours.

After I enabled cellular download and disabled wifi on my phone, the download started instantly, was finished within one minute and the notification is gone. i then put my settings back to how they were before.

I hope this sticks and will also help some others 🙂

Disabling 'Spotify Music' notifications in my Pixel 6 Spotify notification settings did the trick for me. Playback notifications and everything else still works as intended.


I am affected by the same issue, and given it's open for years, decided to take a look at it. I think that the issue comes from an "orphan" song stuck in the "Liked Songs" playlist (or, potentially, any playlist marked for download on mobile).


I've tried the following (via desktop client)

* open the "Liked songs" playlist

* back-up the content by selecting all the songs, right-click then "Add to playlist" and create a new playlist

* select all the songs, right click and "Remove from your Liked Songs"


I end up with _a single song_ still in "Liked Songs", but grayed-out and not actionable (on right-click, the two only options are "Add to queue" and "Add to playlist"). The song appears to be a relic from the past, when I added some local mp3s to the Spotify player.


The song is _not_ visible in "Liked Songs" on mobile, the playlist shows up as empty, with the large "Your liked songs will appear here" text, but the song counter says "1 song".




Hi there @giannello,


Thanks for the post and sharing those screenshots.


Can you try opening up Liked Songs on your PC and hitting the 'Delete' key on your keyboard with the song selected - does that remove it from your liked songs?


Keep us posted.

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Silly me for not trying that. The song is gone, the playlist is gone from my mobile phone (and it works correctly if I add songs back to it).

Will still keep it like this, want to check if the issue with songs download getting stuck will come back (I had it right this morning, and I noticed it can't download 2 songs, not just one)

Can confirm that deleting that song solved the issue for me - no more getting stuck in "Downloading"!

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