Suddenly unable to download songs over mobile data


Suddenly unable to download songs over mobile data

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Sony XZ Premium

Operating System

Android 8.0.0


My Question or Issue

 In the last day I have become unable to download music over mobile (cellular) data. Here are the actions I have taken so far in an attempt to rectify this & relevant information about my phone;


  • The option to download over mobile data is ticked.
  • Singe SIM phone.

  • I have around 30 gig of free storage space on my phone and another 20 on my SD card.

  • Spotify has been granted storage access within my app manager.

  • I have tried clearing my cache as well as user data.

  •  I have power cycled the phone.

  •  I have signed out and back in.

  • I have cleared my offline devices.

  •  I've tried setting the app to store music on the SD card instead of internally.


    I've tried to reinstal spotify, however please note that as this is a stock app the best I can do is revert to factory settings and then instal updates again. 


    I have changed my sign in method from using facebook to log in to a username and password. 

  • I have granted the app unrestricted data access.



I'm really at my wits end, I can't think of anything else to try (short of factory defaulting my phone), please help!