Suggested Song on 60+ song playlist?

Suggested Song on 60+ song playlist?

I have a playlist that i listen to when i code because i know all the songs and it does not distract me with new stuff. Just today i played it on my android phone and got a song that i had never heard before. I looked and it was a suggested song that I didnt like. It was annoying and rude. Is there a way for me to disable the suggested song on the free version of spotify for android? If not then its an uninstall. I love spotify because it lets me listen to a playlist that only has songs that I like. That way there are fewer skips and I can just put it on as background music. I like the service but cannot afford a premieum account right now. If you take away the main reason for me using spotify then I see no reason to use the app any more. I might as well listen to pandora. They know my music choices better anyways because of the thumbs up and down interaction. Be better spotify. 

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I'm afraid suggested songs is part & parcel of using Spotify free on Mobile. Don't forget you can use up to 6 skips per hour...

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Ya im afraid your right. Looks like pandora is my new music app. It has suggessted songs but much better suggestions and i dont have the expectation of a playlist. When you add songs to a playlist it is no longer my playlist. Defeats the purpose. Spotify then turns into a bad version of pandora.

Suggested songs are only "supposed" to happen on playlists of 12 or less according to the "Overview" type page. Try contacting customer support, others have said that helps.


I'm having the same problem, with a smaller playlist, I'll let you know if contacting them helps.

I'm having the same problem with a large playlist. I use it to study but apparently Mozart and shakira are related... The ability to choose the songs I wanted to hear was the only reason I use spotify over Pandora. Pandora at least keeps the genera of music the same.

Did contacting them help?

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