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Im using spotify on my android phone and would like to know if there is any way of disabling these annoying suggested songs. I actually want the ability to choose the music I listen to and that is not possible when it keeps suggesting music i dont want to listen to. The problem is that it suggest 5-7 songs in a row and I always run out of skips before. So Spotify is dictating what i should listen to.


This morning I put on one song I wanted to listen to, but after ½ an hour I still hadnt had to oppotunity to listen to the song and was so close to uninstalling Spotify.

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Here's what I've found:

When I put my phone on airplane mode, and then I click an album or playlist, no matter how smal, it runs through all the listed songs first before it goes to any suggested tracks. Idk if that's just for me, but it works on my phone.

Also, when you use Spotify on the computer, you can choose any song and put it on repeat forever. This is also true on the kindle.

Hey I'll try that, thanks! It sort of works on my tablet where I can play
any song for as long as I want.

Ya i halve this problem to this is the same reason everyone left pandora


Hello Spotify, 


When suggesting tracks please note whether I'm playing a children's album. If so, it would be nice if you didn't suggest a track where every second word is **bleep**. 

I agree with most of the people posting in this thread. I loved spotify for the ability to CHOOSE WHAT THE **bleep** I want to listen to. If I'm listening to the whole Stoney album, I don't give a darn that Candice from accounting loves Lil Yachty and is blowing Steve from the suggested songs department so by default it shows up in my que. I. Do. Not. Give. A. **bleep**. Candice. STEVE! I don't care. Spotify is pushing it's free community to migrate to the paid services. I don't want to do that, I enjoy fact that I can have a free music service by bleeding my ears to advertisements every once in a while. That's okay. But these skips ain't CHEAP fam! I only get a certain number of skips and I swear to God I don't give a darn about your SUGGESTONS.

Well, everyone has their own opinions, I think that could be fair either
way. Thanks so much!

Do you think you could convince the Spotify team to maybe limit the amount of songs from the suggested track to a minimum of five or less? I made a playlist to listen to the songs I chose. 

Just wanted to add that spotify has lost me too. I payed for premium originally, but didn't find it worth it. Cancelled and now realize the free v version is just a scam to make people pay. I'm incredibly irritated by the suggested songs. Listening to a Christmas album and suddenly I get bombarded with suggested non- Christmas out of skips and only get to listen to one song on the album? Your scheme is transparent. Might as well just do away with spotify's useless. Pandora is better at suggesting. You've become irrelevant to me.


That is absolutley ridiculous. I can play all my good songs on my laptop, where i do my writing, so i thought spotify mobile would be the same. Boy was i wrong. I thought i had solved the problem by turning off 'play suggested tracks' or something like that, but it did absolutley nothing. Why even have the button there if it does nothing? I have extreme anxiety and when i need to take a chill pill, i plug my ear buds in and listen to music, but it had to be over youtube where i could turn my phone off and let the music still play. When i found spotify, i was so happy. Well, then it started to play horrid music that was nothing like what i was listening to. I had run out of skips by the time the song with some strong language came on and had to patiently waste my time on waiting for it to be over. I think that is ridiculous. There should be another option other than fork over money that is needed. Please fix this, or at least not make there be so many 'suggested songs'. The same thing happened to me, except i waited a whole class period waiting for one of my songs to come back (none ever did). I dont know who the genius was the came up with the suggested songs idea, but im sorry. It was a terrible idea and if you cant tell, the Spotify community isnt exactly pleased. Ive already deleted it on my cell phone. It was a complete and utter waste of space. I only have a certain amount of time to listen to music outside of my home, which means the suggested song count lasts longer for me because i dont have time to wait for all those songs to pass. If i want to listen to music at home, ill do it on my laptop. But once, i waited, wait for it, 3 weeks for ONE of my songs that i actually added to come back. Then after that one song, it went back to suggested. Im very very very sad about this. 



I'm trialling Premium and I have same problem.  I will not continue due to this annoying feature

Deleted spotify over a year ago because of this I now use DEEZER much better

Why even have a “Free” version for people to listen to music they don’t like (suggested tracks) just to force them to buy premium?


Why should I chance buying the Premium version if I can’t even listen to the music I want on the Free version?! This is asinine! Lol


FYI. Your 12+ song playlist answer to ending recommended songs is BS.


Im uninstalling the App. I don’t mind going premium but if I can’t even listen to the music I’ve saved (idk because that’s what I want to listen too) on the Free version but have to skip through a plethora of suggested music I don’t even know, like or even saved and not even get to hear the songs I personally downloaded the App to listen too then I don’t want Premium Lol.


This is stupid and annoying.

i have a playlist with over 100 songs in it, i also have spotify premium, but i still get suggested songs

Is autoplay turned off?

This is the right solution everyone 😄 


You need to turn off the autoplay suggestions on settings 🙂

Auto play is off... Repeat is on... Suggested songs keep coming up... I always run out of skips before I get back to the music I actually want to listen to. When you make a setting that says it turns off auto play you should make it turn off auto play... This is reduculous corporate bs that is totally unfair to the community of us who just want to listen to music we know and love without having stupid songs we don't know thrown in our faces... 

I have the same problem. I have listened to HOURS of suggested songs without even one of my songs played. I’ve restarted the app, I’ve switched back and forth between playlists, auto play is off, repeat is on, I have lots of songs in my playlist and yet I STILL cannot listen to any of my playlist. Just hours of suggested tracks (that aren’t even similar to what I’m trying to listen to...)

I also want to add that I even made a WHOLE NEW PLAYLIST and as soon as I started to play it went straight to a suggested track. I haven’t gotten to hear any of my own music in ages, no matter what playlist I’m trying to listen to.

Currently for me on my android running WiFi Bandwidth I press the button that has the arrows making a circle till its green and so far it only plays my playlist of Mackenzie Ziegler and Annie LeBlanc (LOL) #sadlife. So try that. It works great, except that my username is still a bunch of numbers...


I pay for Spotify and get more suggested songs than my chosen playlist. How do I stop this, if it can’t be stopper I will cancel my subscription 

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