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Im using spotify on my android phone and would like to know if there is any way of disabling these annoying suggested songs. I actually want the ability to choose the music I listen to and that is not possible when it keeps suggesting music i dont want to listen to. The problem is that it suggest 5-7 songs in a row and I always run out of skips before. So Spotify is dictating what i should listen to.


This morning I put on one song I wanted to listen to, but after ½ an hour I still hadnt had to oppotunity to listen to the song and was so close to uninstalling Spotify.

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Thanks Peter.

I don't object to the suggested songs, I actually quite like some of them!

But playing more than are in the playlist just seems silly; at this rate I'll have to listen to about 100 suggested songs just to listen to the album fully!

I am a new Spotify user. I installed the free app on my new Android car stereo and it works extremely well, apart from these annoying suggested tracks.

It would be OK (even quite useful) if the suggested tracks were in any way related to what you are listening to, but they are not. I was listening to the Disney Frozen album with my 12 year old son in the car and the suggested track (can't remember what it was) had the "F" word in it. Surely this cannot be acceptable?

I understand that they must fund the free app somehow and I am happy to listen to adverts, but these suggested tracks feel less like "encouragement" and more like blackmail.

I do not listen to enough music to justify a subscription, so this feature is more likely to make me uninstall it than pay up. Maybe that's what the developers want.

Just watch the amazing Spider-Man 2 and looking for this song called gone gone gone by Philip Philips. Honestly it's amazing and it would do everyone a favour if you's added his song to spotify. The worse thing is that you have most of his music beside this song?

Not sure what country you are in but this album here by Philip Philips has the song Gone Gone Gone altough have no idea if it is the same as on the Amazing Spider Man 2 Movie soundtrack. You might see if this album is available to you.

Same problem still happening to me. I was playing "Happy" by Pharrell from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack for kids in the car, then the next song played was a totally inappropriate-for-kids song by Pharrell that was definitely not on any playlist I used. I guess Spotify doesn't care that it makes you listen to offensive content.


As far as this BS excuse about variety in a playlist, I use the free version with a 29-track playlist that has 24 different artists on it, yet it still plays these suggested songs that are not on my playlist. You're telling me that 24 out of 29 is not enough variety of artists in a playlist to keep it from doing this?  This is not to even mention the real issue of Spotify dictating what music you should listen to by essentially saying that you are "too into" any particular genre/artist, regardless of the dozens of tracks you might have.  Fascists.


At the very least, if these unwanted tracks must be played by Spotify, then they should not be counted against our free skip # and there should be a limit to the # of suggested tracks during any given time/playlist.  Otherwise after 5 skips, you are wasting data listening to what Spotify wants, and that has made me *thisclose* to deleting it altogether.

@Atlantisx -  the actual logic behind the suggested tracks is a mystery which I doubt we'll ever unravel so the only concrete answer I can offer is to take out a premium subscription.

Ok first time posting here so hello everyone.

First off let me say Spotify is truely an awesome music service and the quality/variety is brilliant.

However just recently this 'suggested song' idea has gone over the top by literally not playing Anything for the past 30mins of the playlist im trying to listen to. This is beyond ridiculous. I now have the volume off and im waiting for a song. Oh theres the 17th song in a row now.

I have free wifi and my app is fas, smooth and adds playlists together nicely so that is not the issue. I just find thie sheer amount of them is just so infuriating really. Seriously as im talking the 20th song in a row has come on and the playlist is 25 songs. WhereTF is my songs man? Why do this to people.

Man im so annoyed right now. Started this post feeling ok but as of now im pretty pissed, it Literally wont play my playlist but all of the artists other song of which I have in other playlists so really this whole idea of suggested songs is just a big confusion of what the listener ACTUALLY wants to listen to.

It is ok to have a few songs sliced in here and there but I seriously am getting fed up with your idea of playlist making. It just constantly seems like the majority of the playlist you want is put at the end of all the songs from the artists other songs. Im listening to Ramin Djawadi and man let me tell you he has done loads of songs and has countless albums so I say again, this whole idea of suggested songs needs better coding and maintenance please.


Finally after 27 songs! LOL

Easiest way I have found to not get suggested content is to make sure whatever you are listening to has more than 12 different artists in it.

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That' all well and good but why is it that since the recent app update these suggested songs feel way more intrusive than it was before.

Should I make a formal complaint so this gets investigated because the app was never this bad imo and have actually been using it for around six months now so I know full well the expected behaviour but now this pattern I have recongnized has gone completely out the window and as I said above I literally had 27 suggested songs in a row, actually got my skips back meaning over an hour of suggested songs.

You seriously telling me thats what spotify is designed to do now? Its just useless if I have all the artists other stuff as I could just put that playlist on (in a way playing that playlist would probably play the songs I want...

Come on really?

Btw I am currently a bit of an on/off user of premium when I can afford it for the month so people thinking that im complaining with a status of free member are right but I do pay for the service when I can which should really give me grounds here to say this.

It's all a cunning ploy to make sure you don't get so much enjoyment out of free listening that you won't see the need to upgrade I guess. As Peter said, the longer your playlist and the more artists in it, the less suggested tracks you should hear.


If you want to complain, you can get in touch with Spotify hereIf you get an automated response directing you back to the community or to the help pages, please reply to it to speed things along.

Thanks for the link mate and I agree with you, I guess things change all the time and things are governed by people with all the power to do what they want completely. Another example of this would be evenbalance on banning legitimate players without communication so they have to buy again but tbh thats a whole different thing completely apart from principle.

I can imagine however down the line people will get fed up of this suggested song business and hopefully the Spotify team will become less aggressive with this type of streaming arrangement, its just odd how I never really used to notice the suggestions but now its literally the majority of the listening experience.

It might just be a glitch and something the support guys can fix. Good luck.

Definitely alot better today, managed to listen to my whole playlist! YAY.

Anyways thanks for all the support here, must have been noted by the tech team and seems to be eliminated now. I have to admit I do enjoy suggested songs but only with a nice balance with my desired selection if you know what I mean?

I understand perfectly - enjoy your music 🙂

I see what you did there 😉 Cheers for the help and linkz...

Will try not to use 'my' so much lol

The problem I have isn't with the playlists its when I listen to one artist or in particu;r one album. For example I was listening to The WInery Dogs who only have 2 albums, the app played like 2 songs then played a Joe Satriani song which I skipped and it played a Queensryche song followed by another Queensryche song. I love these bands but if I wanted to listen to them at that moment I would have done so. Its really annoying that you can't disable the suggested song option. Then if you try to skip you're committing a mortal sin and you'll never get back yo what you originally tried to listen too.


Another time I was listening to the new Judas Priest album and it did the same thing. My message to Spotify would be to allow users to get rid of the suggested song option or just give them one suggested song not a bunch in a row!! thanks!

I'm having similar problems. It's not just one or two suggested songs here & there. I'm now on #18 of suggested songs when I was trying to play a specific artists page, who also meets the 12 song minimum. I hope this is an error with the new update.

I don't understand why Spotify would force this many suggested songs onto free users, unless they wanted to become Pandora. I'll quit Spotify just like I quit Pandora if this is the case.

Thats NOT a solution. Thats what Spotify WANTS you to do with this. 
MY suggestion. Uninstall and find a better alternativ. Like Subsonic

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