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Swipe to Skip Song not working

Swipe to Skip Song not working

Just as the title suggests.

Ever since the last two updates on Android (I think two? This has been an issue for two weeks), I haven't been able to swipe from Right to Left to skip a song on my playlist. It works if Repeat is Off, or Repeat is set to once, but when infinite repeat is on I can't use the gesture.


Additionally, I'd leave repeat off and suck it up, but for some reason when I leave shuffle on without Repeat on my play queue ends after around maybe 15-20 songs, no matter how big the playlist. It's pretty obnoxiously annoying. It seems like someone accidentally may have deleted a line of code or something when making the last update and it screwed up some other stuff.


Biggest reason I care about the swiping gesture is because it makes it easier, and safer, to manage what I'm listening to when driving. It'd be really awesome if this got fixed on the next update, or if you did an immediate rollback to the previous version I'd love you 🙂

I find that I'm having more issues with Spotify after your latest updates than I did before.

If Repeat ON = CANNOT swipe left

If Repeat OFF = Can swipe left

If Repeat Once ON = Can swipe left

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Seems like it may well be a bug. Others have reportd it here:


Let's see if it's fixed for the next release

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Yes, I see now. The post title wasn't clarified.

Thanks for the reply, still if it is a bug it wasn't addressed/fixed in the update from the last couple days.

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