So first of: I can listen to music offline this feature works fine, which is awesome!
That however, is the place where the positive side ends. When I download playlist I normally download them to my SD, problem is though that when I want to Sync Local files from my PC to my phone it always uses my internal storage. I have read into this enough that I have come to the conclusion that this must be a bug, as there are many people saying it works just fine but It just wont work for me.
I have also already looket into the whole storage left problem and I am certain that my SD card is the optimal place for spotify to download it's songs to as I have about 15 gb more left on there. 

Also I have heard that the feature had been removed but it doesnt look like it.

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Re: Syncing

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That is very odd.. the cache shouldn't be split. In fact I can see no reason why it would.


I would suggest something has gone wrong when the app installed. This is going to be a pain as I know you'll lose your offline playlists but can you try uninstaling Spotify and using a file manager make sure that the below folders are deleted (the second one may be still remaining from the older versin of Spotify):


Note: - Make sure to check both Emulated/0/ AND the /ext_sd/ locations for these folders as they could be on Internal memory or/and external SD card.

Once done, go to the play store and install the app again. Let me know how you get on,

Note: Official guides for a clean reinstallation here

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