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Tablet: external SDCard not used

Tablet: external SDCard not used



I've a Galaxy Note 8.


On my device I've 7 GB (!) free space. On my SD card 47 GB (!!).


And Spotify is telling me, there is not enough free space.


Also I'm not able to tell Spotify to use my external SD card. A previous version supported this. I already removed all files and reinstaleld spotify: But it does not help.


I've using Android 4.2.2.


So how I get the offline feature working?



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Spotify should create the cache folders on your external SD card automatically if it has more free space than internal storage. Could you try reformatting your SD card in tthe phone then reinstalling spotify to see if that helps.

Spotity are storing playlists and albums in the internal mobile SD (Android - Lolipop 5:01). How can I force the app to save the music offline on SDcard (External) because there have 40GB free.

MDantas - SP, Brasil

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