Tabs restructured

Tabs restructured




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"The other change is a reduction in tabs. There used to be five at the bottom of the app, but now there are only three. “Browse”, which used to be its own thing, is now essentially part of the “Search” function. “Radio” has been removed, too, with the option available once you search for an artist."

This is one of the worst UX changes in an app I've ever had the misfortune of encountering. I don't want to 'Search' for an artist before being given the option to start a station based on their music. I've already decided that I want to listen via the radio mechanism. So let me click 'Radio' from the tab bar (like I've been able to for years) and then decide what I want the station to be based on.


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Not to mention the fact that I've now apparently been robbed of any previously used "stations" that I did not save to the "My Stations" section. Absolute garbage change. 

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