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Track information incorrect on VW in-car system

Track information incorrect on VW in-car system




United Kingdom


Huawei P20 Pro

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Android Pie


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Playing songs via Spotify over Bluetooth to my VW Polo works perfectly, except, when skipping tracks, the previous track info is always shown on the car's touchscreen instead of the track currently playing.


This is super annoying, and hasn't been fixed despite there being posts on here for years! Can you guys look into this please?




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I am having the exact same problem.


Lexus IS300h, Galaxy S10. The playback via bluetooth works fine, but the track info doesn't get updated in my car display.


Interesting thing that I noticed is that it only doesn't update when a track comes to an end and a new one starts. When I manually press the "Next track" button on my car steering wheel, then the track gets changed and the info is updated normally on car screen. Also, the "time played" is displayed normally, it's only the Artist and Song name that's bugged.


When I play music via Google Play Music, then track info is updated normally.


I tried using different Bluetooth codecs (SBS, AAC, aptX) to stream the music, but changing the codec has no effect.


I remember I wanted to use Spotify several years ago, but it had this issue, so I decided to not use it. Now I decided to give it another try - the issue is still unresolved.

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