Tracks freeze when playing in offline mode


Tracks freeze when playing in offline mode

Casual Listener

Ok. I've tried "everything", so here goes:


Spotify Premium worked a charm for years, until a couple of months ago, when I installed it on a new Galaxy J3. It's like it doesn't download all the tracks properly - nearly all tracks have each their point where the whole thing freezes up and stays freezed, the play icon still showing.

Playing the track from the start again = freezage at the same point.

It can happen anywhere between the very first and the very last seconds of the song, and if I un-download and re-download the playlist, the "freeze points" change.

To move on, I need to go to next track or former track. Which typically also will thrill with a surprise coma.


I have cleared cache, re-installed app, and updated mobile ad nauseam.

I do not use power saving mode, and have anyway excluded Spotify from the app power monitor.

I removed my old mobile from "Offline devices".

I clicked offline mode. I tried without offline mode. I tried every Music Quality download setting.



I have not yet tried flinging the mobile across the room or sacrificing it to some audiophile deity, but I'm getting there. So, so sick of playlists full of botched tracks. Please help.