Trouble with Android Bluetooth Connection


Trouble with Android Bluetooth Connection




I'm using

Plan          Premium

Country   Germany

Device     Phone Sony XA2 "H3113"

Operating System  Android 9


I use Spotify Premium for some years now, in Cars I connect via Bluetooth to the car and use the car radio buttons to skip Tracks and Mute/Unmute.

Please note: I don't use Android Auto since my cars don't have that feature, I use a standard Bluetooth Audio connection.

Alas, Spotify does not work on my phone.


The  Issue:

For some months the following things didn't work:

  - Track, artist, Album Name is not shown in car display

 - track time is not shown

 - Start/Stop, Track Skip Buttons don't work


Since this year Spotify via Bluetooth does not work at all:

 - when I start Playback on the Phone, the track time starts to count on the phone, but nothing is heard on the car

 - after approx. 2 seconds, the car shows "device stopped" as if the playback is stopped

 - Play/Pause, Skip Back/Forward, Track display still does not work


I already tried:

 - Latest Android version is already installed on Phone (Sony XA2, Model H3113, Android 9, Build 50.2.A.3.22),

 - latest Spotify App installed on phone,

 - renewed Bluetooth coupling to car (of course with "Audio" option enabled ),

 - tried it on several cars:

      * 2015 Mercedes C-Class with COMAND (my main car)

      * old car with 2-DIN System Kenwood DDX 7029 and KCA BT-100 Bluetooth adapter

      * 2019 Mercedes A-Class

  - tried different Music Apps on same phone (Internet Radio App, Sony Music App)

  - tried other phones (iPhone 8, Huawei P20 lite)


Other apps work without problems on the very same phone,

other phones work with Spotify,

it's only the combination "Spotify does not work on my Sony XA2 when Bluetooth Audio connection is used"


Any advice?




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Re: Trouble with Android Bluetooth Connection

Casual Listener



I have the same problems. Phone is Moto G7+, Android 9. Car is a Mercedes with comand-system from 2017, last software-update in 2019. Since the beginning of this year I can't play songs at spotify by bluetooth. All other apps, e.g. youtube are working fine.


best regards



Re: Trouble with Android Bluetooth Connection

Casual Listener



my problem is solved since Android update do Android 10. Now it works fine, better since ever before.