[UPDATED 13/02/15] [HTC M8 on T-Mobile] [HELP] Information request


Re: [HTC M8 on T-Mobile] [HELP] Information request

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@meredith ...waiting on an update

Re: [HTC M8 on T-Mobile] [HELP] Information request


Hey everyone! If you could follow the steps below to switch to IPV4 it would be a great help (the specific settings below are for a T-Mobile customer). Let us know how this works for you, thanks for your patience while we looked into this for you!


APN: fast.tmobile.com

Proxy: <Leave in Blank>
Port: <Leave in Blank>
Username: <Leave in Blank>
Password: <Leave in Blank>
Server: <Leave in Blank>

MMS proxy: <Leave in Blank>
MMS port: <Leave in Blank>
MCC: 310
MNC: 260
Authentication type: <Leave in Blank>
APN type: default,supl,mms
APN Protocol: IPv4


1. From the App Drawer in your Android, click Settings.
2. Click Mobile data (on the text).
mobile data.png
3. Click Access point names.
4. Click the menu icon (the three vertical dots at the top), to reveal New APN action, and click New APN.
new apn.png
5. Fill in the APN settings from above.
6. When done, click the menu icon again, and click Save.
7. Activate the new APN, by clicking its radio-button.
radio button.png
8. At this point, your phone will disconnect from the network, and reconnect using the new APN settings. This may take a few seconds.

Re: [HTC M8 on T-Mobile] [HELP] Information request


Hey everyone, just as an FYI we have a Help article on this right here


Please continue to check this thread over here for updates on this issue as we work on resolving it. We'll close this thread for now as all updates will be in the "Ongoing Issues" board. Thanks everyone! 

Re: [HTC M8 on T-Mobile] [HELP] Information request

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Can people confirm if the latest update for T-Mobile on the M8 has fixed this issue? The update includes Android 5.0.1 (Lollipop) and it is believed that some users are now able to stream sucessfully.


If you are on T-Mobile and have an HTC One_M8 please check for updates by going to 'Settings - About - Software Update'

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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