Unable to control phone volume (samsung) from laptop (mac)

Unable to control phone volume (samsung) from laptop (mac)

First I'd like to commend  the design of this website, it only took me around 15mins to find how to post a bug report and to do that I had to find and read "How do I report an issue I am experiencing with the app", truly a tremendous design.  As for registration I had to redo the robot check multiple times as the submit button did not work.



As for the issue, I am unable to control volume on spotify/Samsung from my laptop.

This happened after latest (27/01/20) Samsung/Android update, before that I was able to control volume on my phone. Now I can only control it for  google assistant device whatever the name is.


Why do I listen to stuff like this rather than directly from my laptop?


That's because Apple and Sony want everyone to use their own codecs meaning there is no interoperability, can not use aptX or LDAC so it automatically reverts to oldest shittest one. This is to put it mildly quite frustrating for £300 headphones and god knows how much for the laptop as sound quality is like listening to something behind an asbestos wall (issue non existent with the phone/earphones combo).

If anyone reading is considering buying SONY wh-1000xm4 and mainly uses mac/OSX, I would strongly reconsider.



I understand that only thing that these forums are a ghost town as far as bug fixes, updates and interaction from the staff, but nevertheless I'm optimistic that the ability to control volume again on the phone will reintroduced roughly the same time everyone get's a corona vaccine.









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Hey @mediocre3333


Thanks for posting on the Community about this. 

If you experience any issues while browsing the Community we suggest using a private/incognito window which prevents the browser's cache from causing this. 


As to the volume control issue you've encountered, first thing you can try here is running a clean reinstall of the Spotify app. Make sure you perform it on both your mobile device and laptop. We recommend this step since it'll remove any corrupted data from previous installations that could be the root of the issue. 


Also, could you confirm if both devices are connected to the same network? If yes, try restarting the network device (router or modem) to see if it makes a difference. Let us know the outcome and we'll assist further if this persists. 


Hope this helps. We'll look out for your reply.  

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