Unknown Error 112 when logging in

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Unknown Error 112 when logging in

Music Fan
‎2012-03-26 12:04 PM

Hi there, I am a premium Spotify customer and using the Android App. Registered using Facebook.


Every time I open the Spotify app, it says that "another user put the app into offline mode". Then it forces me to go online. Then it always fails to login flashing the following message: "Unknown Error 112 ". Then I am prompted to give my login credentials again, it re-authenticates me on the server and everything works fine. So practically I have to manually type my login credentials and re-authenticate every time I open the app. More importantly, when I do not have an internet connection (e.g.. on the tube) I cannot open the Spotify app. 


I think this bug is related to my Security settings in Facebook: I have enabled on the "Login Notifications" under Account Settings > Security.