Variety of problems on S7


Variety of problems on S7

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Samsung S7

Operating System


Android 8.0.0

Spotify version: armV7


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 I've been using my S7 for a while now and have had a variety of problems...

1) The classic issue of once pausing a song on the lock screen then locking and unlocking the phone the lock screen controls disappear.

2) The "currently playing" /control bar at the bottom of the screen in app consistently displays the inncorrect song name/album art. It seems to get "stuck" on songs randomly meaning althougg the song playing has changed/progressed normally the information displayed does not update in the control bar.

3) I frequently unlock my phone, select a song and lock it again before placing it back on the table. Without any definative pattern or logic this frequently causes the song playing to change randomly, almost as if I have hit shuffle by pressing the lock button. This is probably the most annoying of the problems and as far as i can see has no obvious cause.


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Re: Variety of problems on S7


Hey @frozen_ember, thanks for writing!


Just to check, we'd like to know if you've tried the following steps:


  • Remove your offline devices from here.
  • Give Spotify a clean reinstall.
  • Switched your device off/on.
  • Check if the app behaves the same on WiFi and mobile connection.

Giving these a try could bring everything back to normal.


We hope this helps. Have an amazing day :)