Volume goes down when using GoogleMaps or Waze

Volume goes down when using GoogleMaps or Waze


Hi all, 

            lately Spotify is not working as i expect it to work. I ride a Bike, so, usually when  i need to go to a new place, i use spotify to listen to some music and googlemaps to guide me throw voice to my destination. The problem is that, almost everytime google tells me a direction, the volume start going down in spotify and in my phone in general, till i get to a situation where i need to stop, turn the volume up and continue riding, till this happens again.

I found i thread from 5 years ago, where this was apparently happening and was solved (https://community.spotify.com/t5/Android/1-0-0-70-82-0-7-9-Inaudible-volume-levels-after-notificatio...), saddly, 5 years later, this is happening again.

Some information about me, i have a premium account, my phone is a Samsung Galazy S7, the os is Android 8.0.0


Hope there is a solution for this issue, or i will need to find a new music provider.





PD: This also happens with Waze. And i guess it will also happen with any kind of notification.

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Thanks for reaching out to the Community, @moshman!


This is not a feature of Spotify, but rather a feature of the naviagtion apps instead.  Anytime you use GPS while listening to music, the volume of your music will lower when the navigation is voicing directions, no matter what GPS app, device, or music service you use, so this would be the same if you were to use another music service instead.  The reason that the volume lowers is so that you can hear the directions—if the navigation and the music were the same volume, you would not be able to hear the directions from the GPS app.  If you don't care about hearing directions because you would rather look at the visual guidance on your phone screen and don't want your music volume to change, you can mute the voice in the settings of the GPS app.


I hope this helps!


Hi Elaina,

                 thats not what is happening to me nor what i explained in the email. The problem is not that the map gives me directions, and because of that the volume goes down, and when it finish goes up again. The problem is that, each time i receive a drection, the volume goes down 20% and it remains like that, never going up that 20% again. After a couple of directions, the volume is so low i cannot hear anything else.

Is strange that these happens with 2 different maps, and always affecting Spotify.




I have exactly the same problem and I can't solved ... 


Hi Spoon,

                  i managed to solve the issue, but it was not related to Spotify or Android.

What happened to me was that i started using a new headset with a mic. Apparently, tehre is an isue with some headesets with mic and android, that, when the wind blows to the mic, the volume gets crazy. My momentary solution and a good thing to try, is to put some scoth tape over the mic, and try. For me, it solved the issue.

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