Volume loss then SPIKE using headphones, not good

Volume loss then SPIKE using headphones, not good


I've read through the board posts and seen some similiar issues listed but no solutions that work for me yet.  This issue just started in early January after almost a year of using Spotify on my phone with no problems.  When listening with plug in headphones on my Galaxy S3, the volume will randomly drop to zero and then spike to the highest setting when I try to get the music to play again.  Really, seriously distressing, not to mention dangerous.  I haven't noticed anything like this when running spotify through my Bose Wave radio (corded connection) or through a bluetooth device (like my car).  Audio Effects are off.  I'm not using an equalizer.


Help!  This is ruining my workouts.

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@RunsWithMusic I'm going to move this to the android section to avoid confusion.

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