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What was last version before current update and does anybody have it?

What was last version before current update and does anybody have it?

I know there is a 4.12.180 version floating around, but was this the very last version before the current update? Does anybody have a copy of the file of the very last version ? Thanks!
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What function are you looking for. To my knowledge this is the latest you can find. is missing a lot of functions (atleast to my knowledge). has bugs, not all functions work as needed. is the version I've come across and its the latest that works for me. It's before the major upgrade.

That is the version.

Since there is no version history available of Android clients and Spotify refuses to tell any intel - we have to go with what we got.

This version ( has screen rotation when pluggin in the dock and has SD card possibility to set stuff to.

I've spent hours searching for the previous versions, and that is truly the latest there is. If you find a newer release, I'd like to have it. Trying to get the versions I find and set them all available. Currently have 4 different versions + the Preview + The current.

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