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Whole phone freezes when Spotify is downloading

Whole phone freezes when Spotify is downloading






Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro

Operating System

Android 9 - MIUI 11


My Question or Issue

Since a while now, I've been having regular issues when starting Spotify on my android smartphone. Behavior when it happens :

- When Spotify starts, I see a notification for download of musics (with progress bar)

- In less than a minute, I cannot control anymore the application, which is super slow to respond.

- Any other application is having a hard time doing anything. My smartphone itself becomes unresponsive. I can't even "wake the screen" neither with the buttons nor the fingerprint sensor

- Of course, I can't even hope to control/pause the music or just kill the app to unlock the system while it's out ... When the music doesn't stop/pause randomly.

- After 20-30s, I can have access again.

- Half of the time, I have to force-kill the Spotify application, as I only have the logo on black screen showing up. Then when I reopen it, the application is happy and working as expected


Other info :

- I enabled the download on my data plan (not only WiFi)


Thanks for your help !

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