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Why does nothing happens whenever I press the like button on the app?

Why does nothing happens whenever I press the like button on the app?

Whenever I try to like any song on the app (Android) nothing happens. I tried to do it on my computer and everything went fine, but I can't find the issue on my phone (Huawei P30 lite).
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This sounds like an unintended side effect of a recent Spotify update. Please manually check for a Spotify update in the Play Store.

If there is no update available, I recommend performing a clean install. Please follow these instructions.


In March, Spotify replaced the heart icon with a plus in the Now Playing view in the Spotify mobile app. This change will come to other devices at a later time.

Check out this blog post to learn more.





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to like any of your songs follow these short instructions

  1. tap the to add to add a track to like songs
  2. tap again
  3. and add it to other playlist

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