Why is the shuffle suddenly worse than ever?

Why is the shuffle suddenly worse than ever?







Moto G5

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 In the past month I've noticed that the shuffle feature on my Android device, for all songs rather than a Playlist, plays the same set of recently added songs without variation. The shuffle feature has always been rather crappy, but this is a new low. Does anyone know what's cuasing it and how to stop it?

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Thanks, joshp75. Much appreciated.


That is the issue I'm having and it seems to all be connected back to this 'Spotify Connect' feature that's appeared from nowhere.


To Spotify: I'm not into this community voting system to get my issues resolved, to be honest. How does one go about getting Spotify represenatives to reassure of me of this issue? Whilst we troubleshoot and test your app, I'm paying full money for a less than full product.

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