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WiFi speaker starts working at home when listening to Spotify in car

WiFi speaker starts working at home when listening to Spotify in car




United Kingdom


One Plus 3T phone, Audio Pro 200 WiFi Speaker, BMW car

Operating System



My Question or Issue

Just wondering if anyone can explain this rather odd issue I had yesterday!

On Sunday morning I was listening to one of my playlists via my Audio Pro 200 WiFi speaker in my home. Controlling Spotify was my One Plus 3T Andriod phone via WiFi. When I had finished listening, I switched off the WiFi Speaker using the power on/off button. Later in the day I closed down the Spotify app on my phone and recharged it overnight.

The next day in the afternoon, I was driving my BMW car and wanted to listen to my Spotify playlist. As normal, my phone would not connect first time to the car correctly - I have to disconnect the phone from the car (Bluetooth) and reconnect and by doing this a few times, Spotify eventually starts to work and is controlled then via the i-drive/display in the BMW.

When I arrived home, my partner asked me if I had been listening to Spotify in my car at about 4.30pm? I said 'yes'. She said,I thought so, as the WiFi speaker kept playing the music in the playlist you were listening to yesterday (the same playlist as I was listening to in my BMW at 4.30pm). The only way she could stop the WiFi speaker repeatedly turning itself on was to unplug the speaker at the wall socket.

Somehow my BMW, Phone and Spotify app was able to switch on my WiFi speaker (which was 17 miles away) and playback the same music I was listening to in my car.

This has never happened before and only time will tell if it happens again.

But can someone provide an explanation as to how this can happen and of more importance, how to prevent this happening again? 



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