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Won't play songs I've played before

Won't play songs I've played before




The Netherlands


Samsung Galaxy S8

Operating System

Android 11 latest update installed 9th of november 2020


My Question or Issue

Since 2 weeks when I want to play music on my mobile device (see above), I select a song, the song pops up at the bottom of my screen but won't start playing. I can select play and pause but it won't start, I can drag it forward to lets say 2 min. 30 secs. but no difference. New songs I haven't played before do play like normal, but after I've played it once or twice it will be added to the list of songs not playing.

On my computer it works fine.

De webbrowser version on my mobile device also works but is not nice to work with.

It won't matter if a song is in a playlist or not, if I've downloaded it or not, if I am online or offline.


Thank you for your help in advance.

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Hey there! 

Have you tried a reinstall or a clean install of the app? It tends to solve all such issues.



Thank you for your reply.

Indeed I have tried to reinstall the app with no luck, then after your reply I have tried a clean reinstall, but the same issue occured right after I reinstalled the app...

I would suggest talking to the team then, here.


ThankYou! Throw a like or accpept this as solution if I helped :D.

Hey there @Floor12345 and @user-removed,


@user-removed - thank you for jumping in to the thread to help out with the troubleshooting 🙂


@Floor12345 - If you have an SD card we suggest that you uninstall the app > turn off your phone > take out your SD card > turn on the phone again (without the SD card) > reinstall the app.


It would also be great if you can log in with another account - such as a friend's or a family member's to see if the issue persist.


Keep us posted 🙂



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I have the same problem. I have spent hours on email w/ Spotify. I have tried all the technical suggestions w/ no solution.  I had no problem for 5 years until the last month.  Do I need a newer phone or am I wasting time and money.  What cell phone has the fewest problems w/ Spotify?

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