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Won't remain in offline mode

Won't remain in offline mode

I'm experiencing a problem wherby Spotify will not remain in offline mode. If I press the home button and leave it for a couple of hours then press the application launch button it requests my login details. If I enter these it'll log back in but if I check the settings screen the 'Offline' button is unchecked. This is incredibly frustrating at times when I don't have a data connection as it means that I cannot access my playlists unless I have an internet connection. My concern is that I am off on holiday abroad soon and want to be able to listen to my music but don't particularly like the thought of being charged extortionate data charges just so that I can listen to my music every couple of hours. I have a Galaxy S2 with ICS 4.03 on Vodafone UK so if anyone can help me, it would be greatly appreciated.
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Hey swordofaltair, welcome to the Community.


Which version of the app are you using? Have you tried out the new Preview version yet?

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It's odd that it asks for your login details each time - it should stay logged in, but offline, between uses. Just to check - you aren't manually logging out before hitting the Home button to get back to the launcher are you?
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When I launch the app a message appears saying 'A different user has put spotify into force offline mode. Please go online to login'. This is strange as to the best of my knowledge only myself logs into this particular account. I can confirm that I do not log out when exiting the app and only ever exit using the home button. I'm currently using version downloaded from google play. I will give the preview version a try and see how that performs.

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