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Won't sync all songs

Won't sync all songs

Spotify wanted to resync all the songs, and is appearing to use a ton of memory all over again to do so.  First, why is it not overwriting the first batch, and secondly, it got most of them synched, but then it gave me a warning that it was nearly out of memory and to switch the settings to the sd card in the phone.  The phone has always been set for new music to go to the sd card, but spotify seems unwilling to put them there.  Also, it seems now to not even be trying to sync the remainder of the songs, as the status is always "pending" and has been for several attempts over several days to get it to try again.

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Going to move this over to the android section.


It might be worth reinstalling the app (and making sure all spotify data is removed) and then resintalling although you will need to resync content again. Full details in this troubleshooting post

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