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Wrong artwork cover on car's Bluetooth.

Wrong artwork cover on car's Bluetooth.






Nothing Phone 1 

Operating System

Android 13


Hyundai Tucson (2021)


My Question or Issue

Mobile connected via Bluetooth (not android auto with cable, only Bluetooth).

Music plays from Spotify. The title and the artwork cover in the first track play well. In the next one, the title changes but the artwork cover remains the same as the previous one. On the 3rd track, you see title name change normally of the 3rd track but artwork cover of the 2nd. You move on to the next one and so on.

With another player everything works fine.

But since I'm very comfortable with Spotify, I'm struggling to make it work properly. I found some tips for changing the Bluetooth avrcp and battery optimization, but it's useless. The only thing I managed to do is not to show the artwork cover to any player by changing the Bluetooth avrcp but with the song titles changing correctly. In order to show the artwork cover it needs to have Bluetooth profile avrcp 1.6.

The infotainment of the car should not be to blame. It's most likely a Spotify bug after some update that I didn't hear about. It definitely has something to do with the Bluetooth avrcp profiles and how Spotify transfers the metadata to the car's infotainment.

In other players of my mobile the artwork cover changes normally. Like something sticks and stays in the artwork of the previous song while the next one is playing. It transfers the metadata, but laterally.

Is there any solution because it is very frustrating? I am very comfortable with Spotify and would not like to remove it.

Thanks in advance


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Hey folks,


Thanks for all your replies and for the info shared.


We've gone ahead and passed your reports to the right team, and they're currently looking into this. However, we can't confirm when or if this will be fixed.


In that sense, we'd suggest you keep both the app and the car's receiver/unit up to date, so you won't miss any developments.


We'll be on the lookout!

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Spotify 8.9.4

OnePlus 9 Pro on Android 13

Phone: Xiaomi Mi 12 5G (MIUI 14.0.15)

Android Version: 13

Car: Kia Sportage NQ5 (2023)

Problem is still there.

I've encountered after updating my device to Android 14. Prior to the update, I was able to view the currently playing song on my car radio (not Android Auto) via Bluetooth. However, since the update, this information has ceased to display on my radio screen. I've noticed difficulties using the steering wheel/screen buttons to control the music with actions delayed or not executed. Sometimes showing the details of the first song played and eventually going blank.

Despite troubleshooting steps like Bluetooth re-pairing and permission checks, the issue persists.

OnePlus 11 5G running Android 14
Spotify Version:
Car Model: Honda HRV 2016

I am also having this issue. 


Spotify version:

Android version: 13 

Phone model: oneplus 8 pro

Spotify version:

Android version: 13 

Phone model: Nothing Phone 1 

Spotify version:

Android version: 14

Phone: Asus Zenfone 10

Car: Kia EV6

Hi, currently I have these specs and the problem is still there 😕


Spotify version:

Android version: ColorOS 14.0/ Android 14

Phone: OPPO Find X5 Pro

Car: 2023 CUPRA Leon ST VZ 4drive

Spotify version:

Mercedes a 250e / mbux

Oneplus 9 pro

Android 14 


I have this issue already a year or longer no solution yet was already since android 14 an issue

Same issue except running Android 12 - no controls, song titles dont update and currently playing widget doesnt update either.


Fairphone 4 running Android 12


Nissan Leaf 2019

Spotify Android, OxygenOS 14/Android 14, OnePlus 10 Pro

Skoda Octavia RS IV (NX) same problem

Hello everyone,


Could you try the latest version 8.9.20 and tell me if anything changed or if the issue got resolved?


Thanks for the answer. I tried it today. There is no more artwork cover at all, only the Bluetooth logo.


Thank you for your response. I was afraid this might be the case but didn’t have any means to verify it. Will try to address it. 

Can confirm that. No more artwork covers at all since the 8.9.20 update.

Same for me: Up until the last Spotify app update yesterday/today, I always had wrong artwork cover being displayed via Bluetooth in my car (the last played song).

Now, with Spotify, I do not have any artwork at all in my car.

The cover which is displayed on my mobile has always been correct, and is still there.


  • Mobile: Fairphone 4
    • Android 13, build number FP4.TP29.C.0101.20240121
    • Android security update: 2024-01-05
    • Google Play system update: 2024-01-01
    • Kernel version: 4.19.157-perf+
  • Spotify app:
  • Car: VW id.3 (2023)
    • with vw.os 3.5 (as up-to-date as the car can be)


I also tried setting BT AVRCP to 1.6 via developer options, without any change.

Same problem here.  Have never had any problems with my car displaying album art over bluetooth but suddenly on March 9th, it's not working.  It was working fine on March 8th!  I've changed nothing equipment wise.  Assuming spotify did some update that messed things up with album artwork displaying over Bluetooth.  Fir the record, I've used some other apps on my phone to play Bluetooth audio and my car is displaying those fine.  Clearly, it's a spotify issue.  I've tried Uninstalling and reinstalling spotify but no luck.

Right, forgot about:

  1. YouTube Music displays album covers just fine on the car via Bluetooth, running in my Fairphone
  2. Reinstalling Spotify did not help as well
  3. Rebooting my Fairphone did also not help 

Also seeing strange behavior with the wrong song name displaying (different song title than what is playing).

Using Spotify premium, have been user the past 5 years.


Album artwork over bluetooth has always shown up on my car radio screen and was working on March 8th just fine.  However, something happened on March 9th as it stopped working and hasn't worked since.  All I'm getting now is a music symbol and it's clear the artwork isn't being transmitted from Spotify over bluetooth for me.  I've checked other apps, and it works fine so I don't think it's my car or phone.


I've changed nothing with my equipment.  Car is same, phone is same and niether has had any recent updates.  I think the only thing that changed might be spotify and I believe I've seen an update was done.  Apparently something with that update has impacted album art getting pushed through bluetooth.


I've uninstalled the spotify app and re-installed change.  I've tried clearing the luck.


The artwork is there on my phone within the app....Just not sending the artwork over bluetooth like it was.


Hopefully spotify gets this fixed as it's annoying not seeing the album art on my car screen.

Hi pleasefixthisbug719, this sounds like a slightly different issue to me...? This thread seems to be about the cover art not being correctly shown. At least for me (and others as well?), the song info has always been correctly shown in my car (and other cars as well, which I tested recently). Only the album cover art did have issues, for me at last.


A quick search for "bluetooth wrong song" in this board has shown several other threads, which may cover your issue better?

But, I can only speak for myself, a Spotify dev with access to the source code could surely provide better insights than me.

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