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Wait just a minute. Unless Spotify hasn't updated, I still only see the artists that I am following, not all of the artists of the songs that are in my library. I DO NOT want to follow every artist.

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Really, they fixed the problem AFTER I ended my subscription?

Re: “Your Library” Change


Am I missing something? Just updated and nothing has changed for me.


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Can someone explain what the supposed rollback did, mentioned in the latest messages here?


If I go to my library and select artists I only see 8 artists listed alphabetically. These are the artists I already followed before the change. The rest of my downloaded/liked(now replaced by the ❤️ icon) songs/artists still show as recommended artists which are not listed alphabetically.


As someone mentioned here I am not looking forward to follow them all. I don't have 1500 artists yet, but enough to make it a pain to follow them all. Also I don't care to follow the other artists, if I want info on them I'll check it myself, no need for notifications.


My spotify is up to date with the latest version that removed and disabled my widget as well, which is also a bad move!!!!


If anybody figured out how to fix this please let us know. Much appreciated!