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album file corrupted with albums from downloaded songs

album file corrupted with albums from downloaded songs

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Samsung S8 and Apple Ipod

Operating System

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


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Am about to ditch Spotify because the software is so glitchy. I've had weeks of re downloading albums that disappear despite regularly going online. The latest major glitch is beyond me:


My SONG folder used to list only the single songs I have downloaded and the ALBUM folder only listed the albums I downloaded.


I now have an ALBUM folder that lists all my albums BUT also now lists every every album that my dowloaded songs have come from - ridiculous


None of them are showing as downloaded


When I do download a previouly selcted album then the tracks now also appear in my SONG folder


How do i get the singles/songs in the SONG folder adn the ALBUM folder jsut showing the downloaded albums?


Using Ipod and Samsung S8, go online regularly and have re installed the apps


Looks like a waste of time and money to me - but would appreciate any help if there's something obvious going on






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Turns out that I have received the "benefits" of a software upgrade. spotify think it's a great idea to: place all album tracks in my song slibrary - i have to hunt through thousands of lines to find my singles so i can create a playlist place all the albums from which i have downloaded a single into my albumlibrary - which is now cluttered full of **bleep** so that I cant see my real album content Software deevelpoment by a monkey...................or have Apple sent in an agent?

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