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discover weekly does not offer songs similar to playlists

discover weekly does not offer songs similar to playlists



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Hey @Noellespetlove1, welcome to the Community.

Hope you are doing great!

The Discover Weekly playlist is a weekly roundup of songs Spotify thinks you’ll love. Based on your listening history and that of other Spotify fans with similar tastes, it gets even better the more you use Spotify.

Discover Weekly playlist gets better if you give feedback to it by tapping the heart or stop icons.

Hope it helps! 🙂

Heart or stop icons ? Where do I find those on the app? I have never seen
those before and I have had spotify for 2 years. In the beginning it used
to play songs I liked but then I had to rei stall it one time to fix
something else and ever since then it stopped doing that and only plays spa
music now.

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Hey @Noellespetlove1,



They're next to the Play/Pause button when using the full screen player.


I'd recommend performing a password reset as well as using Sign out Everywhere option in your Spotify account page.


Hope it helps 🙂

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