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downloaded songs disapears in offlinemode

downloaded songs disapears in offlinemode

For some reason songs that have been downloaded are suddenly "undownloaded" when in offline mode. The song have all downloaded, then after a day or two in offline mode, some songs seem to need a redownload, so i need to go online with spotify and do this. Seems to be random songs that get unavaiable in offline mode. After a redownload, all the songs in the playlist are ok again, so switch back to offline mode, and sure enough, a few days and some songs are gone again... why?

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I Have a simmiler problem but mine is that the songs do not show at all after I disconect from my wifi, they show when connected to my wifi and they show that they would be available offline but as soon as i disccontect my laptop from my wifi and re open spotify only a handful of songs appear. eg 175 songs in the playlist and only 5 show up until I reconnect to the wifi. very frustrating.

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A recent android application version did fix this undownloading issue for a lot of people. 

Can you try following all of the steps outlined in the android troubleshooting guide to do a complete clean reinstall (removing all of the Spotify data) and then reinstall to see if this still happens?



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