i cannot play my downloaded playlist


i cannot play my downloaded playlist

Hi all,

Maybe this problem is common and there's already an answer to my question. However, I can't find the solution to my problem anywhere.

So I have samsung galaxy s3. I downloaded my playlist so i can listen to it offline. Everythings works fine but after a couple of month. Somehow my offline playlist cannot be played and I have to redownload everything from begining. Also, my offline file is still there when I check my spotify directory, and my spotify app size still around 1GB which clearly show that my downloaded songs are still there.

This already happen for 5-6 times in 2 years since i use spotify.

I tried to update the spotify and use old version spotify but still this problem will eventually happen and I have to redownload evwrything all over again

Sorry for my bad english.

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Re: i cannot play my downloaded playlist

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Hi. This seems to affect some android users and there's an open bug topic concerning this here. Please add your details to help Spotify diagnose the issue.