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i cant download song

i cant download song

im on online mode.i have turned on the cellular setting on.but when i want to download songs it tells me to go to setting to use cellular data to download songs
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Are you using a dual sim phone?

yess.sim 1 cant download but sim 2 can.should i change it?

Yeah, swapping the sim cards over seems to work.

i tried.nothing thanks for helping

Doesn't work at all for me on my Nokia 3 Dual SIM. Only physically removing the 2nd SIM card out of the tray enables the 4G cellular download. A pure disgrace. Spotify has to solve this issue asap. Doubting I will be paying longer than needed a premium price for a sub and an app filled with major bugs like this is.

You need to go into settings and allow 'Download using cellular'.


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