imported iTunes playlists "The track is not available"

imported iTunes playlists "The track is not available"

I upgraded phones to the Samsung Galaxy S4 (running Android 4.2.2 and Spotify version and ever since I've upgraded, all my iTunes playlists are broken. Every track in each playlist is grayed out and I receive an error of "The track is not available" when I try to play them.


I know it's not a matter of the tracks not being available on Spotify because I can search for the track name in the Android Spotify app and find it no problem. I'm not looking to download the tracks onto my phone for offline use either because I have a library that's 29 GBs large. I want Spotify to simply find my tracks within Spotify and to be able to play them while maintaining connectivity i.e. LTE or Wifi. I've read that Spotify won't find tracks if the metadata isn't correct. If this is the case, how do I correct it? 



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Hi. Could you post the URI to one of these playlists here pease? Right click on playlist name/copy spotify uri.

Here's the URI for the largest playst I have.



You've got a lot of work ahead of you to match your tracks to the spotify database. You can try mp3 tagger which can search Amazon, discogs, or freedb but, in essence you need to retag all the tracks in that playlist.


It might be easier to feed your original itunes playlist to Ivy and let it create a brand new spotify playlist for you. I'm not sure if it will handle so many songs at once and you may have to break it up into smaller lists which you can eventually combine back into one spotify playlist.


If you need more detailed help, please ask.

Ivy didn't find a single track in that playlist... Is there a particular field in the meta data that's throwing off Spotify? This was never a problem before with Spotify until I upgraded to a new phone. 

That must be coincidence unless you reimported the itunes playlists on the desktop client or something. The URI is from your desktop client.


Check the video on the Ivy home page which explains in detail what Ivy looks at.

I would like to import my itunes songs into spotify using Ivy. I have located the file to upload into Ivy, iTunes Library.xml, but apparently it is too big according too the error mesaage I get. The file is 11.7Mb. Anu idea what would be the maximum size and also, how do I trim my xml file to be able to upload to Ivy? Thanks in advance.

No idea but it wouldn't surprise me if there was a limit on the number of tracks in one playlist. Try splitting to smaller playlists until it works. You can always recombine them later in spotify.

In my knowledge the xml contains all info on tracks, playlists, etc. There are no separate xml files for individual playlists.

I may be wrong but I thought the idea was to export your itunes playlists individually and import them into Ivy one at a time?

First of all thanks for your help Joe. That is my objective indeed. However, Ivy is asking me to upload the xml file and that file is too big.

In itunes, select a playlist then export it as an xml and try that file on Ivy.

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