missing storage options


missing storage options

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 recently my phone powered down due to a low battery, when i turned it back on my phone had moved all of my downloaded songs to my phone storage (they originally were on my external SD) and now i cannot find a way to change the setting, i have already tried several troubleshooting guides out there but none have worked. the methods i've tried are: rebooting phone, uninstalling and reinstalling, moving the com.spotify.music folder to my SD, removing the com.spotify.music folder from my internal storage while leaving the folder on my SD. with the last option i got closest, it showed the storage levels of the SD card when i viewed the download section but it wouldn't download anything saying that there was no space left on the device, while i still have 7 gb available

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Re: missing storage options


Hey @Dishwasher.


Thanks for reaching out to us. Let's see what we can do to help 🙂


Could you scroll to the bottom of your Spotify settings and see if you find Storage under Other (this is where you normally change the storage options)?


If not, could you send us a screenshot to show us what you're seeing instead?





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Re: missing storage options


I got a similar Problem. Its not the first time Spotify decided to erase all my downloads, but this time, I cant switch the Storage back to my SD card. The optic of the "Storage" section in the options changed aswell, so maybe the newest update is the problem. Cause earlier i could freely choose between my two storrage options. I attached a screenshot of my options. I cant click on the "Storrage" and there arent any other options in that menu hat may be usefull for my problem. Please help!


Re: missing storage options

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Hey @LinoHoffmann,


The app might not recognize the SD-card. Could you try to reformat the SD card? Make sure to have Spotify uninstalled on your phone before putting the SD card back in. Once you've inserted it again, install the app and see if that helps. 


Make sure to check out this thread for more info 🙂


Let us know how it goes!


Re: missing storage options


I had this exact problem a few weeks ago on a Motorola X Play. I went through all of the troubleshooting steps posted above and still my downloaded music was deleted each time my phone rebooted.


The last step I tried was logging into my Spotify account in a browser and removing all the devices associated with it. For some reason my phone was associated three times so I deleted them all.


Try deleting the app and data and then go to offline devices list and deleting them: https://www.spotify.com/is/account/offline-devices/


There is a guide in the Manage your offline devices drop down on this page:




This fixed the problem for me, hope that helps with your problem.