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music stops after 2 or 3 tracks have gone by

music stops after 2 or 3 tracks have gone by

I'm having troubles with my Spotify account on my adndroid. When I begin listening to my Spotify on my android, after a few tracks my Spotify closes it self out. I would then have to re open the app and re press play on the song. The song will start from the beginning instead of holding its place before the app shut down. I kinda feel like my account is hacked but that's just jumping into conclusion..
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I had the same problem.
I uninstalled the app, then reinstalled it again.
(Don't worry, all your playlists vill still be there.)
It solved the problem for me. Now it's working fine Again.
God luck.
Best regaards / Patrik

Didn't even think about that..I restarted my phone and the problem is still happening..I'm going to uninsulated the app and try this route

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