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my songs disappear from my library

my songs disappear from my library


I have a spotify premium account and I use it on a one plus X. 

The problem is that its way to easy to delete songs from your library. (just a little touch at the V-sign/ checklist-sign is enough). When you then scroll to the next song you cant find your previous song again, unless you know the title then u're able to download it again. I'm having this problem for a long time now and I cant find a solution. I remember when I started using spotify I had to delete a lot of songs. There used to be a warning when I deleted them, but it was so annoying because I needed to delete so many songs. So I clicked on don't ask this question again (question: are u sure u want to delete this song?) 

I want this warning again and I cant find out how. 

Does anyone knows the solution to my problem, or experiences the same thing? 

Thanks already

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Hey! Francis 93, welcome to the Spotify Community! Have all of the songs Saved in the Your Music section have disappeared? If your playlists are still there and there's a plus mark next to many of the songs, this can likely be easily fixed.

A clean reinstallation of Spotify usually resolves this issue.

Hej Andriios, I dont think you understand the problem. Its not that all my songs have dissapeared. The problem is that I accidently delete some of my songs from my library, and that I don't notice it. I don't really use playlists, I usually listen by means of albums or artists

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