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nexus 5 does not appear under "devices" on desktop app

nexus 5 does not appear under "devices" on desktop app

Tried on OS X 10.9 and windows 8 on two differents networks. Tried reinstalling app (both on nexus and on OS x). With My old s3 mini the devices was found, and the feature works, except for the local files playlist
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Normally I'd be suggesting disabling all firewalls, antivirus and security software on the PC and making sure that UPnP is enabled on the router but the fact that it doesn't show on two networks and an old phone does doesn't fit. Maybe try those things anyway? Also make sure that the Nexus works otherwise over wifi and double-check that spotify isn't in offline mode (I know, I know).

Thanks for your reply.


Something magic happened, today when i have opened the spotify desktop app, Nexus 5 appeared in my Devices. Wow.



Unfortunatly the "local files" playlist continue to be not synced with the phone.

When i check the playlist, it appears "in sospeso" on the image ("pending", in italian) of the playlist, but it never starts sync.


I've tried to check another playlist and the syncronization has started immediately.


Some details:

OS X 10.9 with Spotify for Mac and iTunes 11.1.3

Nexus 5 with Android 4.4.2 with Spotify for Android



I am a Spotify Premium user

If i go on "Local Files" under "My Library" from the desktop app, i can see correctly my iTunes Library (i have checked only iTunes as source for Local Files) and i can listen the songs without problems.



Thanks in advance for your replies


Now it definitely sound like a communication issue. Does the Nexus appear in the desktop client under devices when you are trying to synch a playlist?


Please try the steps I mentioned above and let me know if that helps.

Yes, i can see nexus under devices in the desktop app. And i can synch playlists well.

Spotify works in WI FI and is not in offline mode.

My macbook hasn't got any security software and firewall is disabled. (I know, i know. 🙂 )

Firewalls are overrated in my view 🙂 So this local file playlist you're still having trouble with - could you post the spotify URI for me - rightclick on the playlist name/copy spotify URI.

Locale files playlist hasnt got an uri. Is the playlist that contains the iTunes music! (In my case).

Ah, you need to create a playlist to synch or you can import your utudes playlists from file/import playlists. Give that a try.

not a solution, but works.


thank you 😉



hoping that spotify fixes this problem soon

Just bought nexus 5. first what i noticed is that this phone wont appear in devices in spotify desktop app.


MAC OS X 10.9.2 mavericks

Nexus 5,  android 4.4.2


please help

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