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not playing

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Music isn't playing whether in on or offline mode. when I press play it immediately goes back to pause and sometimes plays for approximately one tenth of a seconddoes not work with or without headphones and other applications for music are not affected
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Hey there and thanks for your question 🙂

Do not worry. I can help you with this issue.


It's possible that app is corrupted. To fix this, please remove Spotify from phone and install it back in easy steps: just go to Google Play and install your music app back. This should fix this problem.


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I forgot to mention that I did this already. The only thing that had changed was my offline music wasn't downloaded anymore.

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Sorry for the delayed reply, have you tred a clean install as per the below guide? Note the removal of specific folders and a reboot is a must!
[GUIDE] How to fix common issues for Spotify on Android

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