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offline songs require downloading again and again....

offline songs require downloading again and again....


no matter what I do, spotiy keeps re-downloading all my offline albums every few days. I made sure download is complete. I re-installed spotify and the problem continues. it is annoying me so much that I am close to cancelling my account. Today I go on holday want to take my offline songs with me and again all 935 songs need to be downloaded (you can imagine how long that takes).

greatful for any help!

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Can you uninstall Spotify, remove your sd card then reinstall to set your cache location to the phone. Try downloading a playlist and see if it stays on your device for a few days. If that works then your sd card has corruption and will need replacing.

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guys if you don't know how to do this job just quit it. I ll end my subscription ASAP. I was online 15 D minutes ago and half of the songs are not available offline, only the songs I have played recently are available. are you expecting people to listen to every single song that they have downloaded every day at least once?

name one single thing which works... one single thing!

everything needs a stupid workaround. and the only thing you can come up with is reinstalling the app and re-downloading everything from scratch. are you seriously calling this bs a premium service? you have no idea what you are doing. amateurs!

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