old car stereo and samsung s3

old car stereo and samsung s3

Help! I have a car stereo that I use a usb cable to listen to my ipod through, it also has a (AUX although I dont even know what that means) and cant seem to hook up my s3 to play spotify through, even tho the cable hooks up fine. It sais its not supported. The stereo isnt capable of bluetooth. Any ideas how I can play spotify on my car stereo? If I get a AUX cable do I just put it in the headphones part and itl work? My stereo is a sony if that makes a difference. Thanks for any advice in advance, im new to this so arnt sure if ill be able to reply haha
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Yes, make it simple! Just buy an AUX cable and then you can just put in in the headphone jack in your GS3 and Spotify will run smoothly. 

Good luck!

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