premium syncing. SO FRUSTRATED. PLEASE HELP.


premium syncing. SO FRUSTRATED. PLEASE HELP.


I purchased Spotify Premium under the username lpthomson so I could sync via my Droid X2.  I've tried everything I can find online, and the device never shows up under "devices" on my computer version.  I tried logging in with a different account (through my email address), and the phone shows up under devices; however, my Premium is purchased under lpthomson.  Can I transfer my Premium account to my email address spotify account, or what do I need to do?  I'm shocked at the lack of online support there is, and I'm about ready to throw in the towel here.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you!

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Re: premium syncing. SO FRUSTRATED. PLEASE HELP.

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Hi lpthomson- A few users have found that temporarily disabling their firewalls has helped their device appear in the Spotify. 


I recommend checking out this thread for some more troubleshooting sugggestions. 


However, I can also see that you've created two accounts on our system and you've registered for Premium on both. Not to worry, I've just sent you an email with some info on how we can sort this out. 



Re: premium syncing. SO FRUSTRATED. PLEASE HELP.

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Hi there.

In addition to what Meredith has said ... if what you want to do is sync playlists of Spotify tracks (i.e. not your own MP3's) to your phone then there is no need to do this via Spotify on the desktop - launch the app on your phone and select which playlists you want available offline from within that.
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Re: premium syncing. SO FRUSTRATED. PLEASE HELP.


I'm having issues with the offline thing as well... I am wondering if any of you know how to make them download into the microSD card, rather than the internal memory, specifically on the Dx2.... I have been messing with this all day, and am about to throw my phone through a window, LOL.


Re: premium syncing. SO FRUSTRATED. PLEASE HELP.

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First there is no way to sync offline songs to an sd card see this thread.


For showing devices you can try shutting down spotify on the desktop and then restarting as an adminastrater, I had a similar problem with my Ipod and that worked, don't know if it'll work with android though.

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