"2G/3G sync" will NOT let me download on 4G?


"2G/3G sync" will NOT let me download on 4G?


I just bought a subscription hoping I would be able to download my playlists on my phone...

It won't let me do that at all?!

My phone says enable 2G/3G syncing but I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I don't think I can do that...

what the heck? can anyone help with this problem?


I just wasted my money for NO reason if this can't be fixed, and that is horrible service. 

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Re: "2G/3G sync" will NOT let me download on 4G?

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The "2G/3G sync" option should say "Sync via Mobile Network" it just hasn't been updated since 4G arrived. Enabling that option will allow the app to sync via any available mobile network connection.

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