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"Lyrics" not available for any song in my account

"Lyrics" not available for any song in my account






OnePlus 6

Operating System

Android 11


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I'm not able to see the "Lyrics" for any song in my account. I'm using a Spotify Premium Family, I've tried clearing the cache/data and also re-installed it multiple times. It has been a concern for me from the time I'm using this app, didn't find the place where to log an issue until today.

Kindly resolve my issue as it will lead to an enhanced experience with Spotify for me.

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Hi there @RaguramanTB,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community. We're sorry to hear that you're not able to see lyrics.


In this case we suggest that you head over to this thread and follow what's being suggested in the Top Answer of it.


Let us know how it goes 🙂

Have a great continued weekend!

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Hey Jeremy,

Lots of thanks for your reply.


I have already been to this thread and the top answer says, 

"If you are still not seeing lyrics on your device (on no tracks at all and have never done so in the past), please reach out to our support team. Have your login email and device info at the ready and the team should be able to get this resolved in a couple of working days after they record your case."


I'm not sure where to reach out, and I'm not sure if this community is the support team. If I'm at the wrong place, can you help me redirect where should I be discussing this issue?


My Login email: **bleep** 

My Phone: OnePlus 6 (Android 11) - [P.S: I'm not able to view "Lyrics" on any device if I sign in with my account details]


Kindly guide me through this. Thanks in advance!

Hi @RaguramanTB,


No worries, there are several places where you can reach out (one of them being the Community), so we get how it can be confusing. In your case, the folks over at Customer Support are the ones who can help you out, so you can get in touch with them here.


Hope you get this sorted out soon. Cheers!

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