"No storage area found"


"No storage area found"


Lately I've been having some trouble when opening spotify. Whenever I open it, it notifies me that there is "no storage area found". I've tried different solutions like uninstalling the app, removing the file android/data/com.spotify, I've cleared data, cleared caches etc, but nothing seems to work.
Some other site told me that somehow spotify doesn't ask permission to use your storage, so you have to do it yourself. If that helps, how do I do that? And if that isn't the case, how do I fix this problem?


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I just tried clearing cache and data which did not fix it but I uninstalled and re-installed and so far so good.

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I had the same problem and tried all this stuff but what finally worked for me was: go to settings, select apps, select Spotify, select clear cache, select clear data & select uninstall. Then go to settings, select storage, select unmount sd card for safe removal & remove sd card. Leave it out while you reinstall Spotify. Check to make sure it's working correctly, if so, turn off phone, reinstall sd card, power on phone and you should be good to go.

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I've figured out a way if the other solutions don't work.

1. Go to Spotify app info.

2. Tap clear data.

3. Tap ok.

4. Go to file manager or a similar app.

5. Go to the SD card then Android then data.

6. Select

7. Move the file to device storage, android, data.

8. Open Spotify and sign in.

9. Your music should be there.

10. If not then download all your (painfutracks l but worth it).

11. In Spotify go to settings, then scroll down all the way down and select where to store all your music or something like that.

12. Then tap on device storage.

13. Hopefully your good to go! Enjoy your music!

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10. If not then download all your tracks (painful but worth it).

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I've updated my S5 over weekend from 5 to 6 android. Had exactly the same error.


However, my fix was simpler. Maybe there is newer spotify version already, which solves half of the hassle.


In my case:

  1. Go to application manager -> Force Stop
  2. Uninstall
  3. Install

And it's working. However, currently I have no premium, so maybe the fix in my case was simpler (no need to download songs for offline listening).

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Just allowing spotify to access my phone's storage in the app settings works without the need to uninstall or clear caches.

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I have the same problem and I really noticed Spotify doesn't ask for permissions to use your storage... But I don't think you can do it by yourself without root... So I can't use Spotify on my phone atm..

Same problem, after updating my Motorola to Android 6.0. Would love a fix 😕

Edit: Might be worth noting that my Spotify songs are stored on an external SD card.

Same problem here on an LGG4 after Android 6.0 update. Have an SD card in the phone as well

I should also mention that the phone I am on now is a replacement G4 that I just got yesterday. My old G4randomly died. So this phone started from scratch, and Spotify worked fine. Installed the 6.0 update when I got home last night, and tried to use Spotify when I got to work today and had the same problem. So if you haven't upgraded to 6.0 yet, you may want to hold off until Spotify puts out a fix

I've had contact with spotify on twitter and maybe these solutions will help:


-  Hey! We're sorry to hear about this. Do you have any available Android updates on your device? You can check by going to Settings > About device > Software update /P

Can you try the steps here for us: They should help with this /CT
- Thanks! Could you try uninstalling Spotify > removing your SD card > reinstalling Spotify? Let us know if that helps /CT
- Could you try giving it a shot using a different SD card? Let us know if the same thing happens /CT
Now, these things didn't work when I tried it, but I did found the problem concerning my spotify. My spotify works until I start downloading my songs. The moment I do that, halfway it gives an error saying there is not enough storage left and if I close the app after that and then open it again, it gives me the 'no storage area found'-notification and I can't open the app at all. The fact that the app doesn't download all my songs, but is saying that I have no storage left is odd, because I have (after I downloaded half my songs, so after it says I have no storage left) 2.15GB left on my SD card and 1.88GB on my device.
If the solutions didn't work and you think this is also your problem, spotify will get back to me soon and I will post their answer.
I have a Samsung galaxy grand neo plus, GT-I9060I, android version: 4.4.4

I had tried all of these things besides using a different SD card. I think
it's pretty clear this is a software issue related to the 6.0 update

This week I updated my LG G3 to Marshmallow.

After the update, the Spotify app would not even open. (and one G4 owner reported an identical issue)


The fix was to reinstall the Spotify app (and, sadly, redownload all my offline music again).

But this was the only way to fix it.


The current version of the Spotify app does work with Android 6. 

But it seems that the update to the Android system can cause a corruption of the Spotify app install. Possibly during the app 'optimisation' step that is part of the Android system update and install process.


Possibly this is also the cause of the SD card issues reported here.

I can only suggest that you try an uninstall - and - reinstall.

I personally don't think that's the issue, because I am using Android 4.4.4. I'm having an older version of the Samsung Galaxy and I think that's why I can't update to 6.0. @hangdang


@woodandrew90 unfortunately, this isn't my problem, because I have re-installed my app dozens of times already and I keep getting the same notification after I download half of my songs. 

I have the same problem as you guys, so it seems to be a Android/spotify problem for more than just us I guess. 

Spotify got back to me and sent me this:


No worries! Let's make sure your Spotify is up to date. this issue should be fixed on the 4.7 version. Try reinstalling it one more time and let us know if it's fully up to date /BH


It didn't fix my problem, but it could help with all yours. 

I think it did, but I can't access the music I downloaded offline to my SD card, so I have to download it again. 

I have the same problem for about a week now. I have tried uninstalling the app and clearing cache and data, resetting the phone. It continues to say no storage area found. I have a galaxy note 4.

Still can't use the app
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I just tried clearing cache and data which did not fix it but I uninstalled and re-installed and so far so good.

Boa noite. Sou assinante Premium do Spotify. Utilizo dentre outros dispositivos, o spotify no meu smartphone Moto G 3, acontece que o aplicativo parou de funcionar e aparece a mensagem "Área de armazenamento não encontrada" embora já tenha feito várias vezes o que o site do Spotify (Apagar todo o cache do aplicativo, reiniciar e etc), o Spotify continua com uma tela preta e a mensagem e já é a segunda vez que acontece isso, sendo que na primeira, eu fui obrigado a formatar o meu celular.

Gostaria de saber se isso é um problema pontual com este modelo de telefone.

P.S: já reinstalei o aplicativo diversas vezes, fiz diversas vezes o que o site indica, mas ainda assim a mensagem continua.

No aguardo de suporte.

Sorry I cannot read (Spanish?) Thanks for helping anyway.

It's portuguese dude!

I just got a new Nexus 5x last week and installed Spotify. It has been working well until today when it started showing "No storage area found" on my notification bar. I have 17gb of storage left.

On Android 6.0.1, I opened up settings - apps - spotify - permissions - allow storage - force stop the app. The notification should go away and stay that way when you relaunch the app.

I just tried that. Unfortunately, it didn't work

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