"Play on Spotify" button not working!


"Play on Spotify" button not working!


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When I am sent music through Facebook messenger I am only able to play a short 30 second clip. If I press play on Spotify instead of bringing me to the full song on my spotify app, I am just brought to spotify and nothing comes up. This used to work fine for me but has suddenly became a problem and made it a lot more hassle to receive and share music. Please help!


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Re: "Play on Spotify" button not working!


Hey @AllyWally.


Thanks for posting about this on the Community, we'll be glad to help!


We're going to need some more information before we can troubleshoot your issue:

  • If you press Play in Messenger, it should play the 30-second clip rather than switching to the Spotify app. Can you confirm that this is what happens?
  • Are you sharing the Spotify URI or the Spotify URL when sharing on Facebook Messenger? As far as I'm aware, from mobile and tablet you can only share the URL. Does clicking on this take you to the Web Player or to the Spotify app?
  • When you say that nothing comes up, do you mean that the song doesn't play? Is the song at least highlighted in the Spotify app?

Looking forward to hearing back from you :)

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Re: "Play on Spotify" button not working!


Peter, I have the same issue.


The Spotify Messenger sharing widget is broken.


The triangular play button works to play a preview, however clicking the "Play on Spotify" link or the track listing DO NOT work as expected.


 Clicking the track, brings up a web view for the track with it's own "Play on Spotify" button. Clicking that link only ever switches to the Spotify app without ever playing or even loading the track listing. This is incorrect behavior.


 If I were to instead click the "Play on Spotify" text link from the messenger widget, I'm presented with a generic Spotify home page web view with no connection to the shared track.


(Also, I tried uploading images to illustrate, but the forum gave me a cryptic error message about message content when they were attached)