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"Songs" tab - where are the downloaded songs?

"Songs" tab - where are the downloaded songs?

Hi all!

When I download a full set playlist (not song by song) the songs don't show on the "Songs" tab.

A downloaded song only appears in the "Song" tab if I save it individually!

Is that normal?

What I'm looking for is a way to shuffle through all the downloaded music that I have in my phone, not needing to select only a particular playlist to play.



1 Reply

Hi. Yes, they made a deliberate decision not to add songs in a playlist to the songs library. This was because of the limit for the number of saved songs so it was felt that we would have more flexibility this way.

So there isn't a straifghtforward solution to your question I'm afraid. Up until recently, we were able to nest playlists in folders and play all songs in these folders but they took that away so all you can do now is to either add all the songs to your library (easiest on the desktop client as it allows multiple selection) or add everything to one large playlist (again easiest on the desktop client).

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