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"spotify is offline" Galaxy S2

"spotify is offline" Galaxy S2

Okay so Spotify was not working this morning via my mobile when I got up, I uninstalled and reinstalled on my Galaxy S2 and a shiny new app was in play(which I was unaware was coming). Good, good  so I thought...........however it has remained  with the "spotify is offline" msg all effing day, we all know that the android App has been plagued with bugs but this is ridiculous. I came home after work and switched the phone on to wifi (Speed: 50mb) still the same msg!!!! (Rage)


I should mention that I am a premium user, on Virgin Mobile Network, I sign in with Facebook to access the app, have a Gig of data to play with each month and stream the music opposed to syncing and playing offline.  (meant to say have ICS android update also)


really, really,  pi**ed off with this !!!


 Can anyone please advise?

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Im having the same problems. Im listening to spotify on my phone and all of sudden the song stops. I then find that its in 'offline' mode. WTF!?!?! This is annoying.

ASUS Slider SL101: Offline problems seem to be fixed. At first I had some problems with the new app. Upgraded through "Play" but then it was the same problems with "You are offline". As others have written on the forum, all files / playlists MUST be deleted and the old Spotify uninstalled before you do a new, clean install. To those of you still having problems, try a new clean install before you give up Spotify! I hope this problem is now resolved forever. Spotify team, - thanks, but realy, this has taken too long! Landsape mode should not take much longer now

got up this morning after doing yet another wipe and  install last night, and now appears to be working................................seriously WTF!!!





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