samsung galaxy S6 edge+ - spotify crashes


samsung galaxy S6 edge+ - spotify crashes

Hi guys, I have Samsung galaxy S6 Edge+. Connected to LTE (or wireless) I start the app, choose playlist/or radio/ or song que, press play and close lid (samsung's original cear view cover, model: EF-ZG928), set side. no other application is running durin listening from spotify.
It crashes after 3-5 songs, when I open the lid to press play again, the screen shows open app, i chiose spotify and it opens from beginning. So annoying!

(Same spotify account for some years now, used on different gadgets from iphone4, 5, 5s,6s, ipad air, mac, galaxy tab10.1&5 all were working without any error for years.)
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Re: samsung galaxy S6 edge+ - spotify crashes

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Disable the power saver function in your phone settings under the power sub section. Lots of Samsung users have reported that this causes an issue.

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