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Hi guys / Hola a todos

I'd like to know if it's possible to download playlists, as long as you're a premium user, from a smartphone to a samsung gear fit 2, so that you can listen to them (through a bluetooth headset) if you don`t carry the smartphone (i.e. if you go jogging).

Me gustaría saber si es posible descargar las playlists, siempre que seas un usuario premium, de un smartphone a la samsung gear fit 2, para poder escucharlas (mediante unos auriculares bluetooth) si no llevas el smartphone (por ejemplo si sales a correr).

Thank you in advance / Gracias por adelantado

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I have the same issue... want to listen to music without my phone while running.


As of April 2017 there is no way to do this.  

Does anyone know if they will be making Spotify available for the gear fit 2 in the UK any time soon?

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I bought the Gear Fit2 a week ago. I'm really happy with it! There's built-in support to change track and volume in the watch but it is not a stand-alone Spotify app. So no offline music, you need to have the phone within the range of Bluetooth. But then you can listen to offline playlists via the phone. There is however 2GB free space (out of a total of 4GB) for mp3's. The watch can play many sound formats. But for all music listening you need a Bluetooth headset. If you have Spotify-connect speakers at home you can use the watch as a remote just like with the phone which I found pretty cool myself. 🙂

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Hi. Spotify content can only be listened to on devices running a spotify app. The Gear Fit 2 runs Tizen OS for which there is currently no spotify app so I'm afraid the answer is no. There is a thread in the ideas section of the forum on making spotify available on Tizen devices but Spotify currently has no plans.


Actually Joe, there is a native Spotify app for the Gear Fit 2, and you download it from the Samsung gear store.

We have downloaded the spotify app onto Gear Fit 2. How do we sync the spotify music to the Geat Fit 2 in order to listen to the music on a jog with no mobile phone?

We have downloaded a playlist in Spotify to make it available offline. We cannot find that playlist in any Galaxy s7 folder.

When we open the Gear App, we click "Send to Gear" and see 1 track available to be sent which is already on the Fit Gear 2. My searching for the downloaded spotify playlist led me to find that the 1 track already on Gear Fit 2 is in the "Samsung/Music" folder.

Where is the downloaded Spotify playlist and how do I set it up to be sent to Gear?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi there!


It is possible to listen to your music through your bluetooth headset if it is a wifi connected unit. Or you have to be in range with your bluetooth headset.